Hodl Finance
Fueling blockchain innovation
Stand out from the crowd
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    Develop a brand that captures the transparancy, potential and serious outlook on the industry.

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    Building a low-maintenance digital ecosystem that communicates valuable stories and data.

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    Inspire entrepreneurs, igniting their ideas and actively shaping their ventures.

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    Translating the mission

    Empowering innovators in blockchain

    Blockchain technology has the potential to make a significant difference in the world of finance and technology. As the industry matures, serious players emerge. Hodl Finance identifies and supports designated initiatives with funding, networking, and decision-making assistance.

    In an overcrowded landscape flooded with trends and gimmicks, the greatest challenge lies in differentiating their brand identity and story to captivate audiences and stand out in the long term.
    Brand identity

    Blocks to build with.

    Balancing fresh and functional aspects with bold elements and a vibrant color palette, our aim was to create an engaging Hodl Finance brand that stands out and captivates, far from being boring.
    UX / UI

    Digital first,
    and third.

    Hodl Finance is a digital brand at it’s core. That’s why we have taken charge of the user interface design and technical development of dashboards, tier systems and the whole digital marketing ecosystem.

    Monostatic x Hodl Finance

    Being a preferred supplier, we have actively participated in multiple of Hodl Finance’s incubated projects. The multitude of ideas and the infectious enthusiasm of optimistic entrepreneurs make this role an ideal match for Monostatic.