Accelerating ideas by investing design and technology.
Fantasy Sports, Gaming
Publishing, Education
Food, Education
Trading, Web3
Crypto, DAO
Service, Mobility
Working together with optimistic entrepreneurs and organisations.
Campaign, Formule 1
Crypto, Fund
All projects
Project Sector Year Status
Growity Financial, Web3 2022— +10M in funding
ANWB Mobility, Travel 2022— In development NDA
Matchpool Fantasty sports, Social 2022— MVP funded
CTRL E-sports, Event 2023— Pre-pitch phase NDA
UP Carwash Automotive, Mobility 2020— Franchise launched
The Night Watch Art Foundation, NFT 2022—2023 Phase 01 funded and live


Recruitment, Creativity 2024— Launching soon... NDA


DAO, Crypto 2021— DAO live
Eddie Education, Data 2019—2022 Company funded


Athletic, Apparal 2023—2024 On- and offline now
TomTom Mobility, Events 2020—2022 Installation traveling the world
Samsung Telecom, Education 2019—2022 Initiative launched

Botanico Island

Illustration, Artwork 2022— First products in store

Nike Air Max

Fashion, Documentary 2022— First 3 episodes live
PLNT Innovation, Education 2020—2022 Incubator program launched
Unlock_ Science, Health 2020—2021 Incubator program funded
Greenpeace Environmental 2021—2023 Platform launched


Lunches, Education 2023— Onboarding new schools
Wijslijst Education, Data 2020—2022 Platform and curators live
Bloody Roosters Gaming, comic 2021— Ready to launch NDA

Dutch Film Festival

Film, Cinema 2023— In theatres near you