Leading the way in cryptocurrency investment funds.

A style matching the staggering performances.
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    Equip the leading cryptocurrency investment fund with a style and narrative that aligns with their impressive track record and trustworthy image.

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    Elevate the organization's identity from its early-stage crypto roots to reflect a higher degree of professionalism and quality.

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    Design a brand that honors both the data-centric aspects of the cryptocurrency world and the collaborative, knowledge-sharing ethos of Web3.

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    Adding a good pinch of quality.

    Honoured to have the best performing cryptocurrency investment fund knock on our door, we’ve set out to fit the company with a style and story that matches their staggering performances and image of a trustworthy (one of the few supervised by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets) service.

    Guidelines for the day-to-day marketing work.

    Together with the Hodl team we designed the brand in a way that celebrates the data driven candlesticks side of the vibrant crypto space ánd embraces the wisdom sharing traits of Web3.

    We established well-organized environments in which we shared our brand and user interface (UI) and social media designs. These environments are, to this day, regularly updated and expanded.