Play against each other. Not against the house.

Pioneering in the field of fantasy sports.
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    Start a new social movement around the experience of sporting events with friends, communities and strangers.

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    Create a cross-over between fantasy sports and sports betting, aiming towards a transition of the industry.

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    Explore the potential of community-driven engagement models to incentivize players and global communities.

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    Sport brings people together, sports betting doesn't.

    From the roar of the crowd to the thrill of the competition, there’s something special about experiencing sports together. However, sports betting is quite the opposite. A solitary endeavour, where you get lost in complex forms and overwhelming odds.

    Wagering your hard-earned money, hoping to strike it big. But the reality? Well, more often than not, the shadows of losses are hidden away, and all that’s left is disappointment.

    Bring the fun back in sports predictions.

    Matchpool is on a mission to bring the fun back in sports predictions. It's a unique platform, that brings a game-changing perspective by focussing on social experience and enjoyment. Focussed on user engagement, exciting gameplay and user friendliness.