Shaping Max's virtual wingman.

Let the dedicated Formula 1 community take take the wheel.
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    Spark a movement around the thrill of Formula 1 weekends, fostering connections among friends, communities and newcomers.

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    Roll out a global campaign that seamlessly ties CarNext with Max Verstappen, emphasizing a mutually beneficial and value-driven partnership.

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    Delve into the possibilities of a sustained, community-focused communication approach for the forward-thinking automotive brand.

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    Fusing analytics with the wisdom of the crowd.

    Formula 1 cars are basically data-driven, intelligent systems that can reach speeds of over 300 km/h. But the drivers are not machines. That's why we enable fans to do their part and share their equally important human insights.

    Maximize Verstappen's chance to become world champion.

    The Fangineer's algorithm processes and channels the wisdom of the crowd. Together with CarNext and Cheil, we've set out to create a smarter, richer and more beautiful experience every race for years to come.

    Max clinching his first world championship title a year we launched The Fangineer? Pure coincidence... surely.

    14,000+ fans joined during the first GP weekend.

    Ferdi Merks, CarNext